The Ice Suite latest promo clip
Jan 15, 2014
The creators of The Ice Suite speaking about what the show means to them with live performance footage from Byron Theatre .
Co.sonance at the Mona
Jun 14, 2012
After a year or more of writing and preparation we get to perform this piece at the fabulous Mona Gallery. In the Sidney Nolan room surrounded by 'Snake', hanging out in the coolest Green room on the planet ( the ultra comfortable 'Organ Room'). It was exhausting, exhilarating and left us looking forward to the next time.
Projection took place on either side of us on huge white wall space.
The acoustics in the room were divine.The sound you hear on this video is straight from the camera which is not ideal but you can hear that the audience kept very quiet- no shuffling of feet or conversations!
We hope to release a CD of the audio later this year but we always think of this piece as married to the beautiful imagery that Grayson creates live for each show.
The Ice Suite - Trailer: MONA March 29
Mar 20, 2012
This trailer is based on footage shot at our public 'dress rehearsal' which took place at the Music performance space at Southern Cross University in Lismore.
In this show we had a three screen set up which looked pretty good.
The Ice Suite
Oct 30, 2011
Another small and beautiful fragment of the whole picture that is 'The Ice Suite '- this is an edit of the video stream from our performance at the Byron Bay Writer's Festival. The images are taken from a range of different sources, including Scott's original diaries, and the photographs taken by Herbert Ponting and Scott while on their fateful venture.
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