Ice Suite to relive Scott's fate

ONE hundred years after British explorers, led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott, reached the South Pole, a world premiere show will be held in Hobart tonight to mark the milestone.

New South Wales performer Karena Wynn-Moylan started writing a show about Scott 10 years ago and her multi-media ensemble Co.sonance will perform The Ice Suite at MONA tonight as part of the Antarctic Centenary Year celebrations.

"Hobart has very strong Antarctic connections," Ms Wynn-Moylan said.

"I thought the scientific and artistic communities would find the performance relevant and support it.

"I visited MONA before it actually opened and thought the space was so dramatic it would be perfect to stage The Ice Suite there."

Based on the diaries of Scott and his party, The Ice Suite uses live and pre-progammed music, spoken word and visual projections to explore "the imagined emotional states of Scott" as he journeys through the Antarctic to his doom.

"Rather than tell the tale of Scott's ill-fated journey, the audience can enter the physical and emotional landscape of the man who led himself and four of his men to a cold and futile death," she said. "While some aspects of both musical and visual scores are pre-composed and pre-arranged, the project relies on the improvisatory capacities of the musicians and the live video artist to ensure that every performance is unique."

Meryl Naidoo
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