'The Ice Suite' to be performed at Steampunk NZ 2015

Steampunk with apple

Well here we are actually 'steaming'! It was 8pm and  still 98% humidity when we did this shot!

But we are looking forward to wearing all these great warm clothes in May in Oamaru , New Zealand.

We will be performing 2 shows in the Inkbox Theatre at the  Opera House and  a special chat and demo session at Bill's Adventure Books. To book tickets follow the links on our show page - then type in The Ice Suite in the search box..

For all our loyal fans you can get a concession price at the booking agent. Just tick the box!

In Oamaru we'll  be staying with host Roger at Federation House  B&B Inn . Just enough beds for all of us and the instruments.

We also reccomend the Ploughview with Andrew and Tracy  - a little further out of town ( 5 minutes) but so peaceful and the best bed ever!