Co.sonance performing at the Mona


This is the low res version of this footage so it will load on even the slowest connection!

There will be a higher res version available at the You tube site very soon.

It was an amazing night of world class music- from Brian Ritchie at the start with his extraordinary Shakuhachi performance of 'Hakat Bushi' - a piece written by the first Japanese explorer to the South Pole- Nobu Shirase , to the final piano notes at the end of the deep space images at the very end of the show. 

The Ice Suite  is 54 minutes in length but it passed so quickly for us as performers and even it seems for the audience who gave us a standing ovation then came up to say they didn't want it to end!

We are looking forward to performing the Ice Suite at Festivals all over the world over the next two years.