Co.sonance performs live semi-improvised audio-visual non-narrative explorations of deep emotional states by amalgamating intense computer generated digital processes with organic spontaneity in performance collaboration.

Co.sonance is a new ensemble formed by interaction and collaborations at ‘Sound Crucible’, the North Coast Experimental Electronic media collective in 2009. All members have established and extensive careers as individual performers and artists.

  • Digital music composition and spoken word – Karena Wynn-Moylan
  • Live violin and keyboard composition – Ken Naughton
  • Live violin and viola  – Cye Wood
  • Digital imagery - Grayson Cooke


The Ice Suite

'The Ice Suite' is an exploration of the imagined inner dialogues of Robert Falcon Scott as he journeys through the Antarctic to his doom. Using programmed studio composition, live instrumental performance, spoken word and live mix visual projections, the audience is enveloped in a multi layered audio visual experience. Rather than 'tell' the tale of Scott's ill fated journey, the audience can enter the physical and emotional landscape of the man who led himself and four of his men to a cold and futile death, exactly 100 years to the day after the event.

The work is an exploration of how a linear narrative can be fragmented into moments of imagery and passages of words and music by the interplay of programmed 'fixed 'progressions of digital sampling of both music and imagery while live instrumentalists and spoken word instinctively react and interplay to the theme.

Hear Co.sonance talk about 'The Ice Suite' 


“I was so moved by your spoken word in the last 'movement' if I can call it that was all so fluid, just flowed like the ice carrying them inexorably to their fate.”

“Violins were perfect, haunting and powerful; and the keyboard really picked up and carried that serious men's business purposefulness and action...”   


this was quite captivating,  visually and aurally. You  could feel the ice and wind all around you. Also, I particularly was  moved by the libretto elements which featured well chosen slices from  RF Scott's journals: "We have not failed, it's just that we have not  completely succeeded."


"now we are part of the universe..." so moving."

“As for feedback, you should all be extremely proud of this work”.  

“I would so love to be here in Hobart, it will add that little extra vibe to the performance. Those lucky people are in for a treat.” 

“The blazing stars in the blackness are an enduring image.”  

“Had the good fortune to attend the open rehearsal performance of live audio-visual show "The Ice Suite" on Friday 16th March.Watching and listening to this performance made me so proud to be a member of Southern Cross University, where we have such talented people. The audience were enraptured by the production.”

“We all extend Karena, Ken, Cye and Grayson (and their support team) best wishes for the World Premiere of their production at MONA; wish I could be there.”




                                           Setting up in the Nolan Room, Mona

For more photos check our gallery page, for video of the live performance  at Mona click on  'videos' tab.

@SCUonline @abcbushtele @monamuseum The Ice Suite was divine. Very moving, art adding engagement and empathy to history and science.

"What a delight it was to be in your audience last Thursday evening at the Mona for your live performance of "The Ice Suite", your tribute to the man, Scott of the Antarctic. I say "man" because, quite simply, your work touched the humanness in us: it was a powerful evocation of the human spirit in an intensely personal sense, as well in our relationship with others and our physical world. 

The decision to perform at this impressive venue was an intelligent one: its cavernous stone-walled structure (albeit the performance was in the famous Nolan Gallery), aided the atmosphere of remoteness and the struggles with the elements of the earth, so perfectlly captured in this portrayal of human endeavour. Brian Ritchie's  haunting playing of the Shakuhachi filled the space with a pure, rich sound that fittingly prepared us for what was to follow.  

 Co.sonance, gave the audience a new perspective on the communication of a linear narrative.The melding of pe-programmed digital music with your group's fabulous live violin performances, the mix of overlapping visual images together with your beautifully-paced and enunciated narration, created an intensely felt experience for us. From the initial energy of excitement and expectation, your performance traced the sense of the weighty responsibility of leadership and  the enormity of struggle for Scott, culminating in such deep loneliness - but paradoxically, a sense of oneness with others ..and life itself. This interconnectedness with fellow beings, and the earth, is a truly moving tribute to the spirit of Scott - and his memory. 

There are so many wonderful aspects of this performance that made it so moving: the shadowy imagery, both abstract and concrete, the range of emotions aroused by the superb violinists and the accompanying sound track, the narrator's polished, dramatic input. Your repetitive, melodic chanting of Scott's supplies and equipment captured his growing obsessive care for the task in hand; flashed words helped sustain a sense of poetry. Final satellite images and sounds tracking Scott's body under the ice were particularly powerful. The overall effect was a sensory experience that enveloped the audience with a sense of great sadness, but also a keen awareness of the greatness of humanity. 

I did not want it to end. "    

Sandra T.





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Upcoming Shows

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At last - The Ice Suite CD!

Finally you can buy the complete audio recording of our live performance of The Ice Suite from May 2013. So many people have asked for this so we are really happy we have finally produced this CD.

Almost like being in the theatre, just close your eyes and imagine lots of snow and ice!

Order by going to our Music page on this website.

Australian quartet to perform at Steampunk - Timaru Herald
Timaru HeraldAustralian quartet to perform at SteampunkTimaru HeraldCo.sonance have been planning to bring their concerto, The Ice Suite, to the festival for the last 18 months and are excited at the opportunity to perform later this month. Composer Karena Wynn-Moylan said The Ice Suite is a music, multimedia and ...
'The Ice Suite' to be performed at Steampunk NZ 2015

Steampunk with apple

Well here we are actually 'steaming'! It was 8pm and  still 98% humidity when we did this shot!

But we are looking forward to wearing all these great warm clothes in May in Oamaru , New Zealand.

We will be performing 2 shows in the Inkbox Theatre at the  Opera House and  a special chat and demo session at Bill's Adventure Books. To book tickets follow the links on our show page - then type in The Ice Suite in the search box..

For all our loyal fans you can get a concession price at the booking agent. Just tick the box!

In Oamaru we'll  be staying with host Roger at Federation House  B&B Inn . Just enough beds for all of us and the instruments.

We also reccomend the Ploughview with Andrew and Tracy  - a little further out of town ( 5 minutes) but so peaceful and the best bed ever!

Steampunk Festival New Zealand


We've been invited to perform 'The Ice Suite' at the fabulous and amazing Steampunk NZ Festival in in June in 2015! (This is last year's poster!)

Robert Falcon Scott was one of the last great heroes of the Vicorian age - so his tragic story resonates with the festival's theme.

Also, Oamaru has great historical links with the Scott story - so we have received a  warm reception to the idea of us performing there. 

Oamaru opera house

So, come on over to beautiful victorian Oamaru for the NZ Queen's birthday  weekend and join in the fun!

(Dress VERY warm!)

Here is our stage manager Peter trying out some

suitable clothing for our visit!

Peter dressed for the job!


We have a modest crowdfunding campaign happening on Indiegogo!

If you would  like to come and see this show in Oamaru - make a little donation!

The Ice Suite video coming soon!

We are pleased to announce that after a week of extensive filming we have several hours of performances and interviews to cut together into several films on our collaboration to create  The Ice Suite. We would like to thank all the crew involved - Marcus Cloherty on direction and camera, Adam, William Martin  and Jackie Fae on extra footage. William and Tegan for sound recording at the Byron concert through the Bay FM studio 4 desk, Juan and Peter for live concert sound and also Adrian and Kali for the live webstream which we will post a link to her at a later date. 

A Very Cold Place
The Ice Suite- an electronic, acoustic, filmic descent into the world of heroic antarctic exploration. [Read More...]
Hear Karena talk about 'The Ice Suite' on Mindwaves

Karena gives an insight into the creation behind 'The Ice Suite' interviewed by Zale Michael Schubert on Bay Fm 99.9. Click on link to hear.

Co.sonance to play for Shearwater

Ken Naughton and Cye Wood  only discovered while were were in Hobart last year that they both went to the same Steiner school in Sydney ( just a few years apart!)

Ken  tutors individual students at Shearwater Mullumbimby and staff and pupils there have been very keen to hear his work with The Ice Suite ever since we started work on it two years ago.

So we are  doing a special Steiner school performance in May just for art, music and film students in the  afternoon.This will be followed by a Q&A session for students about the work.


The Ice Suite in Byron Bay May 17th!


We are finally playing the home town - we have  had so many requests for this.

There  was only ever one place to  perform this locally and that is the wonderfully set up Byron Community Theatre. We have already performed a twenty minute segment of the Ice Suite here as part of the Byron  Writers Festival in 2012.

Now finally the whole 56 minute multi -media epic.

And as a special treat, bandmember Cye Wood will be filling as support act with a taste of his yet to be released long awaited  solo album.

You can get tickets through the Byron Community Theatre website online, or if you're local just drop in at the centre- on sale now!

And if you are a Bay FM radio subscriber you get a special discount - just enter your subscriber number on the booking form.


Co.sonance performing at the Mona


This is the low res version of this footage so it will load on even the slowest connection!

There will be a higher res version available at the You tube site very soon.

It was an amazing night of world class music- from Brian Ritchie at the start with his extraordinary Shakuhachi performance of 'Hakat Bushi' - a piece written by the first Japanese explorer to the South Pole- Nobu Shirase , to the final piano notes at the end of the deep space images at the very end of the show. 

The Ice Suite  is 54 minutes in length but it passed so quickly for us as performers and even it seems for the audience who gave us a standing ovation then came up to say they didn't want it to end!

We are looking forward to performing the Ice Suite at Festivals all over the world over the next two years.

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